A Tour of Omidyar Network’s New London Office

Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment firm that invests in both for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations and helps transform ideas into successful ventures, recently relocated into a new office in London, designed by interior design firm Oktra.

“Omidyar had a clear vision for their office. They wanted natural finishes and a tasteful colour palette to be used across all materials. They sought a sophisticated and understated working environment. Oktra constructed an open plan office space with thirty-five workstations alongside an open plan breakout area and roof terrace. The layout of the workspace included a large boardroom and multiple meeting rooms, cellular and informal, to accommodate both client and internal meetings in a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere. In order to address their previous workplace challenges, Oktra consulted an acoustic engineer to achieve sufficient acoustic levels in their new workspace”, says Oktra

Welcome inside

Breakout space
Meeting room
Meeting room on the left
Breakout space
Second floor
Wall art