Inside Hand Made’s Minimalist Krakow Office

Hand Made, a full service advertising agency that focuses on communication strategies, social media, TV spots, and PR hired interior design studio Beza Projekt to design their new offices in Krakow, Poland.

“The project was preceded by numerous meetings with client to define its needs. In the interiors of the agency we put on a combination of blue and gold. These colors dominate in the reception or in the room of the boss. We have been able to renovate the historic parquet floor, we also preserved the original tiled stoves. The atmosphere of the interior is emphasized by the stucco that we designed. A very important point of the whole project is the staircase – a lamp with organic covers designed by us and a special sculpture with the client’s logo at the entrance. On the stairs there is a carpet designed by us with motif Shibori. A similar motif was also used on the carpets of our project. Especially for this interior we have created a series of handmade furniture and lamps. With their design, we used traditional handicraft techniques such as wood carving, stucco wall decoration, metal hammering, shibori and sculpture. All furniture was handcrafted by local craftsmen. Thanks to this, every object is not only functional but unique. Vintage furniture has become a complement to our designs. We also designed a series of desk-stations where all wiring is hidden. The result of our work is a unique interior with customer-specific functionalities. It is distinguished by unusual colors and original furniture, which potential clients of the agency will surely remember. Thanks to the classic and elegant character the interior will be in use for years”, says Beza Projekt

  • Location: Krakow, Poland
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Design: Beza Projekt
  • Photos: Anna Łoskiewicz-Zakrzewska, Jacek Kołodziejski

Meeting room
Meeting room