Portal A is an independent studio with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles that develops, produces, and distributes video built for conversation. Its new San Francisco office is located in SoMa neighborhood, which has become the biggest startup hotspot in the city.

“Before we moved in, the walls were each a different pastel color, the space had wall-to-wall gray carpeting, there were walls in the middle of the space breaking up the openness, and there were (gasp!) cubicles throughout. To create the current look, we painted the entire office white, knocked down the obstructing walls to open up the space, rebuilt the bathrooms, broke down the cubicles (Office Space style), built out a new kitchen with custom counters and shelves, and most importantly, ripped out the carpets and re-stained the plywood to a beautiful cherry color”, says Portal A

Location: SoMa – San Francisco , California
Design: in-house
Photos: Morgan Wise – an in-house Director at Portal A


Welcome to Portal A’s San Francisco office…


Both stairwells hosts a gallery of the company’s YouTube hits in the multimillion view range, from “YouTube Rewind” to “Dove Real Beauty Sketches: #Balls” …


Walls are decorated with retro posters of classics like Sergio Leone’s The Good The Bad and The Ugly…


Retro blue Director’s Chairs throughout the office, with the name of team members labeled on the back….





There is also a ping-pong table…



Small lounge in the back…