Yelp, a popular review website that allows people to rate everything from restaurants to retail stores, recently opened a new office in the downtown of Chicago.

“New room enclosures are simple, bold, and utilitarian. Community spaces are detailed to recall bridge structures and transit framework. A central corridor, connecting auxiliary paths through the office, features pops of red accent color recalling Yelp’s iconic burst logo. The “just finished enough” environment is the perfect stage for Yelp’s workforce to inhabit and make their own – just as the users of their website express themselves to whomever is interested in listening. This first phase of offices occupies 50,000 sf of space for 375 employees of Yelp’s growing presence in Chicago. In addition to conferencing and teaming areas and 100 seat training room, the offices feature a 180 seat break area with full-time barista staffed coffee bar, post-work beer bar and game room”, said Valerio Dewalt Train

Location: River North – Chicago, Illinois
Date completed: 2015
Size: 50,000 square feet
Design: Valerio Dewalt Train
Photos: Tom Harris, Hedrich Blessing


Welcome inside





Collaboration space




Open space