Papaki and TopHost are two of the biggest Greek companies offering web services, for the last 10 years. One year ago, both companies moved to a new, shared office space designed by local architect Kalia Platyrachou.

“We tried to reflect the companies’ core values, within the space. It was designed with a no door policy so that transparency between the members of the team is reinforced and supported. We wanted a big and bright kitchen so we can share our lunch. As well as little cosy areas where one can take his time and work on his own pace. We also needed a lot of space for the different events we organise within the office (massage sessions, photoshootings, parties, meetups, and more)”, say Papaki and Tophost

Location: Crete, Greece
Size: 12,900 square feet
Design: Kalia Platyrachou
Photos: Yiannis Fais