A Look Inside SignalFX’s New San Mateo Headquarters

SignalFx, a tech startup that helps customers create custom analytics pipelines on metrics data collected from thousands sources, just moved into a new headquarters which they describe as “hand-made modern” – a theme that embraces the history of the building but with an updated look.

“The goal was to make SignalFx’s culture and perspective evident in the design of the new office–including commitment to disruptive thinking, collaboration, and outside influences. Conference rooms honor influences both inside and outside of the tech world, including Noor Inayat Khan, Grace Hopper, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jimi Hendrix and others (because technologists aren’t the only ones who change the world). SignalFx believes in both honoring the past, and looking to the future. The “Fx Signal Museum” in the office is filled with artifacts that in one way or another have transmitted a signal, and each item has a tag with the date and item information. The collection includes, among others, a cold war era radium detector, mid-century Naval semaphore flags, telegraph insulators and keys and a WWII carrier pigeon crate. The space has a sophisticated whimsy about it. As soon as you walk into the lobby, you’re greeted by a rotating art show that features local/emerging artists, a moss wall, and a SignalFx brushed steel logo (made by Martin Sign Co). The SignalFx book collection ranges from contemporary illustration to visual culture, and the Frida Kahlo lounge meeting room includes a Frida photo station. In the game room you can play pool, listen to vinyl, hang with faux taxidermy and play a little fooseball. SignalFx’s office space was conceptualized by in house Culture Czar, Rachel Winningstad, in collaboration with local firm, Blitz. Rachel has a background in fine arts, digital design and museum/studio/gallery ops. She is most curious about how the corporate sphere can interact with communities outside itself to become well rounded in perspective, impact, spirit and design.”

  • Location: Downtown San Mateo, California
  • Date Completed: August 2015
  • Size: 11,000 square feet
  • Photos: Karthik Balachandran, Adva Ophir, Calvin Chan
  • Design: Blitz


Breakout area