Inside Quirk’s Cool Cape Town Office

Quirk, a South Africa-based digital agency that offers web development, search engine optimization and email marketing, recently reached out to Karpinski design to design their new offices in Cape Town.

“Karpinski design & Onepointzero interior design we appointed to design the interiors for Quirk, Brandseye, 42 Engines and the red and yellow school of advertising within the PALS building. There entities were positioned on the entire top floor, the majority of the second floor and a new roof top pavilion. Previously these spaces were an internal car park and the CMT operation. The first time Tom Karpinski and JP Beukes visited the building it was obvious that the challenge would be in creating a suitable interior for the said entities and dealing with enormous chasms of space. This is always a challenge acoustically and thermally but a great opportunity for an amazing interior. The approach was to create intimate meeting areas where ceilings were introduced into all the enclosed spaces, these were arranged around the centralised ‘main access’ the remainder of the top floor was a massive open plan seating area, conference hall and shared canteen space. We kept as many original features we could in the interior and used a combination of concrete and brickwork construction for all the interior walls. Later these walls were left raw or painted depending on which area and final identity we wanted to achieve. We took inspiration from the colour scheme left by the CMT operation and introduced paint patterns / graphics and techniques to retain some of the factory feel. In the main Quirk open plan space a 3 way ‘room within room’ was introduced to define separate areas, bring in the warmth of raw timber and to create a centrepiece which housed 3 interlinked meeting rooms.”, says Karpinski Design

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Size: 9,150 square feet
  • Design: Karpinski Design
42 Engines
Open office
42 Engines
42 Engines
Meeting room
Quirk 3

Quirk 7

Quirk final 1 (6)

42 Engines

42 Engines