A Tour of BookingSuite’s Stylish Chile Office

A Tour of BookingSuite’s Stylish Chile Office

BookingSuite, a technology platform (part of Booking.com) that focuses on providing IT support to hotels with their online lodging reservations, recently opened a new office in Santiago, Chile.

The project is designed around a main walkthrough that tours through the enclosures of the office. The circulation areas differ from the work areas by the use of vulcanite ceiling, as opposed to the PVC tiles used in all of the other spaces. Likewise, this differentiation is enhanced by the use of spotlighting and color accents in the carpet. As a concept, the program relates to three different tourist areas in the country. A waiting room, a game room, and the lounge and dining room named “Breakout”. There are seven “Meeting Rooms” plus the work area, which is the “Open Plan”.

In the hall, the brand Booking.com greets the visitors as soon as the elevator doors open. From there on, you reach the Welcome Area, which uses an urban language inspired in the Metropolitan Area (of Santiago). There materials such as brick that respond to a city-like idea without leaving aside the much needed warmth required when giving a welcome.
 The Breakout, also inspired in Santiago, has an eclectic décor where the use of materials and textures is not associated to a single architectural style, but rather a sum of different design streams. White and colored ceramics, wooden-type floors, brick and wood paneling, metal elements and moldings with exaggerated volutes come together and give shape to a space with identity.

Another interesting room is the “Playroom”. Equipped with sports elements, one of its walls has a large picture of fans dressed in red “encouraging” the players. In contrast, only a few feet away, there is a casual meeting room with a graffiti painting from a local artist portraying South American culture and the unison of its different ethnicities”, says Siente Cinco Ltda

  • Location: CCU Tower, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile
  • Date completed: 2015
  • Size: 8,611 square feet
  • Design: Siente Cinco Ltda
Welcome area
Breakout space
Meeting room
Meeting room
Focus room
Informal meeting room
Meeting room