A Quick Look Inside iSIGHT Partners/FireEye’s Amsterdam Office

A Quick Look Inside iSIGHT Partners/FireEye’s Amsterdam Office

iSIGHT Partners (acquired by FireEye in January 2016) is a cyber security company that focuses exclusively on analyzing and understanding the global threat ecosystem, to include threat sources and the methodologies they employ. This is their office in Amsterdam, Netherlands which was designed by interior design firm ROOF.

“In a space of 500m2, ROOF Design Studio created open space work areas, where a staff that has to work several hours a day, could use each spot in a professional but relaxed way, alone or in groups. These spaces have a colourful and young spirit, where design pieces shine amongst several computers and cable mess. Brainstorming rooms with unexpected materials, relaxing eating areas, video game and table tennis areas were created, in order to staff enjoy each space while working or during short breaks, keeping their motivation and commitment up. Elegant but informal Administration rooms were provided, always with the presence of vibrant colours and natural elements like light woods. Even soundproof conference booths have been created, to allow silent and private contacts with customers or colleagues arround the world. The creativity of the designers team was up at the level of creating a set of patterns on the pavement, differentiating each space according to the themes and color combinations, allowing to create more dynamic and fun environments.”, says ROOF

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Size: 5,381 square feet
  • Design and photos: ROOF