A Tour of Vinted’s New Vilnius Office

Vinted, a popular peer-to-peer startup that allows people to sell, buy and swap clothes, recently opened a new office in Vilnius. Lithuania, designed by architecture & design firm YCL studio.

“Our aim was to redesign existing old plan that could represent the company at its best – young, interesting and open minded. Color cuts in the plan shows difference in the taste of every person who works there or who uses its service. Not to enchant colorful environment too much, the main working area we left bright and calm, what counts as strong fundamental stone of the company. Every detail in new interior is little add-on to the idea, that everyone can find the right place in one office. Working areas have their own shapes of light above the tables to find the perfect working position. To erase the limit from work and rest we looked at some little details as hammocks and swings. Those small things helped to escape pressure, be more flexible with working and thinking. Since the office shares common ideas we left old doors from male and female WC but made them lead to the same space and it gave another addition of equality in the working environment. Every space in the office has something to tell and to show, every space has his own new born history in the path of the company,” says YCL studio

  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 6,458 square feet
  • Design and photos: YCL studio

Meeting room


Breakout space

Open office

Open office