Inside Sonic Union’s Cool NYC Office

Sonic Union is a NYC-based audio post production company that specializes in recording, mixing, sound design, radio, casting, and digital deliverables. Their current offices are located in New York’s Union Square neighbhorhood, and were designed by renowned architect Raya Ani.

“Sonic Union overlooks Union Square, and I came up with the elevated park design in response to what they want. The space had very little light and Sonic Union wanted the complete opposite. A sense of being on the outside looking in was very important.” As an audio post-production house, sound and how it carries played a crucial role from a building perspective. Ani instilled the studio with an “organic,” flowing shape, where natural light reflects from one surface to another to make up for a lack of long-lived sunlight; the shape also benefits the space’s acoustic output. She continues, “There is no sound transition in between rooms, and there is sound insulation as well as semi-private spaces for each room.” says Raya Ani

  • Location: Union Square – New York City, New York
  • Size: 8,000 square feet
  • Design: Raya Ani
  • Photos: Mark Travis
Welcome inside
Open office
Semi-private meeting podd
Meeting room
Game room
Breakout space
Wall decoration