Inside’s New Moscow Office

Inside’s New Moscow Office, a popular Russian sports streaming website that focuses on the live coverage of the sporting events, recently moved into a new office located in a former factory loft building in Moscow, Russia and designed by Nefa Architects.

“The main goal was to create an efficient and collaborative work space for a team of journalists with a vivid theme-based idea. The editorial office of occupies two storeys of a four-storey 19th century building. Reception area includes an information desk with integrated media panels adapted to display original content about games and events and a large comfortable lounge-zone. Main functional zones – workspace areas and meeting rooms – are located on the 2d floor. Open space allows for better communication and exchange of information among co-workers. A monitoring room with a big ring-shaped table and a video installation set just below the ceiling in the middle is the ideological “core” of the office. Top–managers` desks are also placed in an open-space in the geometric center of the office to make the communication process as effective and fast as possible. There are also a relax-zone and a mini coffee point on the 2th floor. Formally, a dining-room located on the 4th mansard floor belongs to – another department of the media holding Rambler&Co, designed by Nefa Architects, – but both teams have it at their disposal. According to the project specification the architects designed a multifunctional hall for conferences, lectures, meetings and presentations. The hall is equipped with most modern technical, audio-visual equipment. Design-idea. Working on the design concept, the authors decided to bring the aesthetics of a gym into the interiors, but taking into consideration the background of old red-brick walls, they gave them an air of a school gym somewhere in Italy like the one in Fellini’s film Amarcord, for instance. The architects used mostly natural materials such as brick, wood, metal, glass in the interior decoration of the office space. Many pieces of office furniture were specially designed by the studio and produced in local workshops”, said Nefa Architects

  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Size: 4,3O5 square feet
  • Architecture and design: Nefa Architects
  • Furniture: Vitra, Prooff, Tolix, Bonaldo, Roche Boboise
  • Photos: Ilya Ivanov
Breakout space
Meeting room
Meeting room
Open office
Meeting space
Event space