A Tour of Chamber of Commerce’s New Liege Office

Chamber of Commerce Liege, the initiative of entrepreneurs, who wish to collaborate and develop their region and industries, recently moved into a new office located in Standard de Liège stadium, which was designed by interior design firm Twodesigners.

“In order to avoid a too radical transition for workers used to private offices, we chose a hybrid solution offering a succession of closed and open spaces that naturally design this work place and its use. A minimum of partition walls for a better collaboration without sacrificing spaces dedicated to calm and concentration. This solution also makes it possible to take full advantage of the natural light coming from a huge bay window over the entire length of the tray. Finally, a very spacious meeting area punctuates the space and allows to relax, to eat and offers a good alternative to the meeting room for informal meetings. The materials, the ubiquitous graphic design that promotes collaboration and accomplishment, as well as the colorful furnitures contrast with the raw industrial universe of this football stadium. The whole is our modernized vision of this dynamic organization at the center of local trade. We’re glad about what our talks with CCI workers finally led to, we designed this project for them but also with them,” said Twodesigners

  • Location: Liege, Belgium
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Design: Twodesigners
Breakout space
Breakout space
Semi-private pod
Private office
Meeting room
Open office
Front desk