Inside Pixelindustries’ New Office

Pixelindustries, a full service digital agency that provides advice on online branding, brand-identity, online marketing and online strategy, recently moved into a new warehouse-like office in Haarlem, Netherlands.

“The main goal of our office is to create a space where employees feel at home. A place where they can work hard, collaborate and have fun. The setup of the office is very flexible, which means that all employees can work where they prefer depending on the project they are working on. The workspaces are ‘silent’ areas, where as the rest is available for meetings with employees as well as clients. The design is has a very open and industrial vibe, which is suitable with the structure of the building. The open kitchen provides space to sit down for a nice lunch or have a quick meet up. The open lay-out of the office provides quick and easy access to a lot of flexible workspaces. To make the office more personal we added some nice touches, such as the DJ table, pool table and the motor cycle which always catches a lot of attention. During the breaks all the employees gather around the pool area and we have a monthly competition between all the different departments. The large cough offer a lot of comfort and really adds to the ‘home’ feeling we tried to achieve with this new office space”, said Pixelindustries

  • Location: Haarlem, Netherlands
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Size: 10,763 square feet
  • Design: Suzanne Heinz
  • Photos: Thirsa Nijwening
Open workspace
Open workspace
Open workspace
Breakout space
Breakout space