A Look Inside M Booth’s Cool NYC Office

M Booth, a global digital communications agency based in New York City that focuses on brand marketing, public relations, social media and branded content hired architecture and design firm Spector Group, to design their new offices, located in New York City’s Midtown neighborhood.

“With more than 200 staff utilizing M Booth’s new office space, placing an emphasis on employee satisfaction was key in implementing the interior design. Spector Group’s design includes picnic tables which function as work benches and glass cubes which serve as a “home base” for many different teams within the agency, all while being surrounded with office-free walls. The design opens up the entire space to natural light and views of the Manhattan skyline, with the goal of keeping M Booth employees happy and motivated to come to work, and evokes a sense of working from home while at the office,” says Spector Group

Breakout space
Breakout space
Open office

Breakout space