A Look Inside Concur’s New Prague Office

Concur, a SAP company that provides on-demand employee spend management solutions allowing companies to control costs by automating the processes used to manage employee spending, recently opened a new development office in Prague, Czech Republic.

“This year, Concur opened its first AppPort office space, a unique airport-inspired space designed specifically for developers. The AppPort office space is located within the Concur Prague office in Metronom Business Center, one of the most modern office complexes in Prague. Other SAP companies on the Czech market including SAP Services and SAP Ariba also moved into the Metronom Business Center in 2016 and are creating their future together. The AppPort office space is similar to SAP App Haus offices and will serve as a collaborative, innovative hub within the Concur Prague office. The design process consisted of a series of workshops that was attended not only by the heads of the local company and facility team, but also by employees  who could share their ideas and requirements. The Concur AppPort office is 700 square meters large and has the capacity of 65 developers. The whole space is designed as an airport including a lit runway, relaxing zones that look like airplane cabins, airport containers for storage, hangar for building hardware/software tools, a control tower as the head office, and a quiet zone for developers called the coding depot. The office is equipped with Hack Desks, a table system that counters traditional desks with an innovative functional and aesthetic approach. Each Hack unit forms an autonomous element whose adaptability allows it to satisfy various needs: The height adjustment feature offers standing, sitting and lounge options for work, meetings and relaxation. In the lowest position, Hack can be outfitted with cushions for use as a sofa. Hack Desk supports a flexible way of work, since it can be folded up into a practical, flat box and moved easily. Concur is not only the largest user of the Hack Desks on the market but also developed a new adapted version with the supplier so that the desks are just perfect for the developers,” said S.H.S Architekti

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Date completed: May 2017
  • Size: 7,574 square feet
  • Design: S.H.S Architekti
  • Photos: Courtesy of Concur
Breakout space
Breakout space
The office space is equipped with hack desks

Relax zone
Breakout space
Collaborative space