An Inside Look at YouNow’s NYC Office

YouNow, a live broadcasting company allowing users to broadcast themselves from anywhere hired interior design studio HUXHUX Design, to design their new offices located in New York’s Time Square.

“In addition to wanting a new headquarters that feels open, airy, young, and vibrant, these clients wanted an office that could offer its user base a unique opportunity to leverage their app product in their new location. We designed the office to include a performance stage that overlooks Times Square, but this stage is unique in that it offers YouNow talent a physical broadcasting platform for their virtual audiences. The open office can be reconfigured to focus on a performance event, yet in its everyday configuration the space offers staff dining, town-hall meeting assembly and informal 1-on-1 lounging. Workstations were designed to accommodate the company’s working group configurations such that each pod of desks has an integrated breakout lounge and presentation area equipped with technologies for real-time performance feedback. Small private nooks, phone booths and lounges are distributed throughout the office to provide staff with productive breaks from their workstations,” HUXHUX Design

  • Location: Times Square – New York City, New York
  • Date completed: 2016
  • Design: HUXHUX Design
  • Photos: Peter Dressel
Breakout space
Breakout space
Private nooks
Private lounge
Conference room
Open office
Open office