A Tour of Witan Studios’ New Coworking Space

Witan Studios, a new coworking platform providing spaces to work, meet and eat, recently hired office design firm Woodhouse Workspace, to redesign their coworking space in Milton Keynes, England.

“Changing the name from Witan Court to the more aspirational Witan Studios engenders thoughts of activity and creativity, bringing life and a people centred approach to this workplace destination. A subtle re-brand and a refresh of the exterior, landscaping and a rolling interior refurbishment, ensure the place lives up to the new name. This has resulted in Witan Studios enjoying the highest level of tenant interest in the local market, immediately following completion of the initial phase. Altogether a highly successful return on investment,” says Woodhouse Workspace

  • Location: Milton Keynes, England
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 5,700 square feet
  • Design: Woodhouse Workspace
Breakout space/Cafeteria
Collaborative space

Coworking space
Coworking space
Coworking space