Inside Portuguese Football Federation’s Sleek Lisbon Headquarters

The Portuguese Football Federation, an official Portuguese football federation that governs football in Portugal, recently moved into a new headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, built by RISCO Architects, and designed by P-06 atelier.

“This project consisted in the development of a signage system for the campus, and also the interiors for some special zones (dining rooms, the president’s office and meeting room) in close partnership with the architecture studio. The main concept behind our design project was all about creating a mood where the football atmosphere is felt everywhere, combined with the presence of “Portuguese identity” elements. The graphic language started with the design of a custom typeface for this project (CF TYPE), with the goal of creating a distinct and unique visual mood. The typeface was inspired by the vintage football shirt numbers of the 80’s and 90’s, which then led to the design of the whole alphabet and also a custom pictogram set that shares the same “geometric DNA”. Along with this custom typeface, a secondary and more neutral font is also used — Trade Gothic Bold. The signage system and overall graphics throughout the whole space seek to be both effective (regardless of the different zones) and also playful and engaging for the user or visitor. This “playful layer” is specially felt in some moments where parts of the Portuguese national anthem are used in a very unexpected way over glass surfaces, or along with football chants in some walls that “scream” for Portugal! The “Portuguese identity” is also present on the color code for the project (mostly red and green) and through the use of national materials for the interiors of some spaces. Most of the chosen furniture was made by Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos (owner of Branca Lisboa brand) and also the ceilings of some special zones have a fabric “skin” to help on the acoustics, made of “Burel” (an exclusively Portuguese felt made entirely of wool) by Burel Factory,” says P-06 atelier

Meeting room
Meeting room