Inside TransferWise’s Cool Singapore Office

TransferWise, a popular money transfer service that allows people and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges, recently opened a new office in Singapore, which was designed by interior design firms Paperspace and Studio Of Design.

“Transferwise has a rapidly growing workforce with up to 800 employees across Estonia, London, New York and now Singapore, thus representing it’s thrust for business without borders. Ohm says the design is a representation of this, “I got the concept inspired by the melting pot of Singapore, it has a diverse culture as reflected in its cuisine, architecture and art.” “I transform these ideas into physical design and space planning. An example of this is the reception feature wall where I used the Asian old style of ventilation blocks.” To further reiterate his design ideas, he mentions, “For the layout plan, I created sharing spaces for their open discussion area which echoes the eating culture in Singapore, because we like to sharing our food with others.” “The idea of sharing culture incidentally matched the trend of workplace planning for TransferWise. They wanted to have informal meeting spaces to empower people to exchange ideas, collaborate, co-create and transfer knowledge across a connected social neighborhood.” This is evident in the designs of the new office which was recently opened by founder Taavet Hinrikus.Ohm encapsulates the whole design idea of integrating a local feel into the international design set up in a thought saying “Think global, act local.”

Breakout space
Breakout space
Brainstorming area
Phone booth
Meeting room
Meeting room
Relax zone
Wall art