Inside Wood Creek Capital Management’s New Haven Office

Wood Creek Capital Management, an investment firm that offers asset-related investments to institutional investors, hired architecture Svigals + Partners to design their new office expansion in New Haven, Connecticut.

“The goal was to accommodate the growing staff in a space that would encourage interaction, informal collaboration, and a spirit of play. Artful branded elements reference the leadership’s shared love of music, reinforcing Wood Creek’s corporate culture. For the center of the trading floor — the heart of the workplace — Svigals+Partners designed a unique “quiet room” enclosed in sound-treated glass, an idea inspired by recording studios. Employees can have private meetings (the glass is frosted, with a laser etched large-scale version of the Wood Creek logo) or relax and listen to music — their own, or selections from the management’s collection. Lights that change color on command or with the music add to the playful atmosphere. The updated and expanded 9,000-square-foot workplace includes breakout spaces for informal meetings and quick huddles, and an updated and expanded break room featuring a ceiling-hung sculptural installation, which along with acoustical treatments at the entrances provides noise attenuation to allow for casual conversation that does not impact work performance in adjacent spaces.”

  • Location: New Haven, Connecticut
  • Size: 9,000 square feet
  • Design: Svigals + Partners
  • Photos: Robert Benson
Meeting room
Brainstorming room
Phone booth