A Tour of Checkout.com’s New London HQ

Checkout.com is a global fintech company that provides complex online payment solutions by handling every part of the payment process in the payment value chain. Last month, the company moved into a new headquarters in London, and here is the final result.

“The company is growing rapidly, with plans to more than double its 200-strong workforce over the next year. CEO Guillaume Pousaz wanted to design an office which will not just accommodate that growth, but also attract some of the best tech talent London has to offer. To do this he has implemented some really lovely features including several breakout spaces, a beautiful wooden-clad outdoor terrace, and games rooms and beer fridges on each of its five floors. The office is in a newly-converted warehouse, situated in the heart of London’s creative district. They might have only moved a few streets to accommodate their expanding business, but it was no small task. 12,500 and 14,900 meters of data and electric cables were laid, which is long enough to stretch from the office to Heathrow airport and back! The newly designed offices include: a new welcome floor which draws visitors in with its cool, modern interior design, green space – think hanging baskets and desktop plants, outdoor rooftop terrace which is perfect for both informal meetings and chill-out sessions, shared café area, and private telephone booths throughout the office, for when important calls must be made”, says Checkout.com

  • Location: London, England
  • Date completed: June 2018
  • Size: 21,000 square feet
  • Photos: Albert Palen
Collaborative space
Collaborative space
Collaborative space
Meeting booth
Game zone
Collaborative space
Work pods
Conference room