A Tour of Associated Press’ Elegant NYC Headquarters

A Tour of Associated Press’ Elegant NYC Headquarters

  • Array Michal

  • 5 years ago

Associated Press, a not-for-profit media company that provides unbiased and comprehensive multimedia coverage of state, national and world news, recently engaged architecture firm TPG Architecture to design their new global headquarters in New York City.

“TPG Architecture was engaged to design AP’s new global headquarters as the news cooperative relocated from midtown Manhattan to four floors at 200 Liberty Street in Brookfield Place. Moving across from the World Trade Center allowed AP to return to its original roots downtown and offered cost savings in downsizing the agency’s space by 40%. The project permitted AP to revitalize its workplace with a more open office and collaborative spaces to accommodate changing work habits and its innovative news culture. TPG’s Strategy & Innovation team and designers worked with AP through the change management process to better conceptualize a more open, team-centric workplace. TPG worked with the client to reduce the quantity and size of offices, creating a more open-plan design to better promote communication. The fifth floor octagonal rotunda serves as the hub-designed newsroom, representing the flow of information to the editorial team at the center. To heighten the sense of connectivity and promote cross-collaboration, their feature staircase was inspired by this transmission of data, with thousands of hanging tiles mimicking the numerous stories produced by the agency. AP has many unique specialty spaces, including a 24/7 broadcast studio, a suite of green rooms, edit suites, a broadcast master control room and other support spaces, a data center and a temperature- and humidity-controlled photo archive. The office includes a mix of formal and informal collaboration rooms, executive offices, and board rooms. Their café serves as a multi- purpose space for large functions, such as company town hall meetings and AP’s vote-counting operations. TPG’s Branding and Graphics group helped design a wall of honor commemorating AP journalists killed on the job and gallery walls AP has filled with displays celebrating its 170-year history and Pulitzer Prize-winning achievements. The new offices reflect AP’s impressive heritage with a nod to the future of news.”

  • Location: Financial District – New York City, New York
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 172,300 square feet
  • Design: TPG Architecture
  • Photos: Eric Laignel
Breakout space
Relax zone
Brainstorming space
Open-plan office
Open-plan office