A Look Inside Spreetail’s Modern New Austin Office

A Look Inside Spreetail’s Modern New Austin Office

Spreetail, an e-commerce company that allows people to shop online for their home, garage and backyard, recently hired architectural firm Perkins+Will to design their new office in Austin, Texas.

“Spreetail is committed to fostering a work environment that celebrates what makes its organization great—its people. Seeking an office that would reflect their values as a company while allowing room for expansion, Spreetail enlisted the expertise of Perkins+Will to transform a former bar in a prominent historic building in Austin, Texas into a new space that would support its growing team and build upon its dynamic and youthful culture. Spanning three levels, the Spreetail office features bold and branded design highlights complemented by a host of state-of-the-art amenities. Before stepping foot into the new space, Spreetail’s brand is clearly reflected through large bay windows that offer a peek into the front of the office.

The reception features a neon Spreetail sign and colored graphics on the brick walls as well as on the reception desk, which is anchored by a wooden architectural sculptured ceiling. As soon as employees pass through the reception, they are greeted by a lounge followed by a mezzanine and all-hands area—all of which prominently feature Spreetail’s signature colors turquoise, aqua, and coral—across an otherwise industrial backdrop. Comfortable seating in this area further welcomes guests and serves as a place for talent recruitment, interviews, and training sessions.

The all-hands atrium space is outfitted with bespoke hammocks for relaxation, tiered rows of benches, and a variety of seating options including casual bean bag chairs. This space is denoted by shipping container-inspired breakout areas intended to serve as a space for collaboration and work. A break room within the mezzanine area features a distressed Austin mural on a brick wall, connecting the office to its locale. The second and third floors in Spreetail’s new office house the majority of employee workstations, which are set in an open plan concept.

These levels have a designated coffee bar along with phone, huddle, and conference rooms for privacy. Both the second and third floors have atriums at their centers, allowing them access to daylight and the multi-levels of the space. In addition, small nooks provide storage for pet supplies, as furry friends are encouraged and welcomed in the workspace. Each level of the office features its own color palette and graphical theme falling within the Spreetail brand color scheme, to differentiate the floors. Perkins+Will was able to conceptualize a space that underscores Spreetail’s company values, reinforced through consistent branding and clever design elements that both accentuate the space and enhance the day-to-day employee experience. Preserving as much of the existing building shell as possible, the firm designed an office that successfully melds the structure’s old charm with today’s modern workplace amenities.”

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