A Tour of SailPoint’s Sleek New Austin HQ

A Tour of SailPoint’s Sleek New Austin HQ

Global architecture firm Perkins + Will has recently designed a new headquarters for identity management technology company SailPoint in Austin, Texas.

“When it came to creating a new headquarters in Austin, Texas, the company called on Perkins and Will’s Austin studio to design an environment that would support a wide variety of work styles and bring the brand’s identity to life through strong materiality and an emphasis on the details. The new, 65,000 square foot headquarters is spread across four floors.

Upon entering, employees are greeted by a white, crisp cutout sailboat graphic and SailPoint logo that both subtly anchor a sense of the brand without overwhelming; while a comfortable seating area adjacent to the reception creates a welcoming waiting lounge for visitors. The new headquarters emphasizes the company’s dedication to flexibility in the workplace through an open concept which allows for multiple collaboration spaces and informal meeting rooms. Valuing the employee experience, SailPoint wanted the space to feel open and inviting in addition to making sure that the very people who would be coming into the office every day had the freedom to step away from their desks for a fresh perspective, as well as have breakout areas for solo work or group meetings. Full whiteboards outfit a few of the rooms, providing employees spaces to better brainstorm or layout their ideas. The cafe on the first floor of the building features a coffee bar, a casual dining area and provides places for employees to lounge and relax in the corners of the layout.

SailPoint wanted its employees and their guests to be able to easily navigate across floors. To assist with wayfinding, the design team utilized color themes inspired by and complementary to SailPoint’s navy logo on each of the four levels. These individual color palettes are further reinforced by way of furniture and finishes that accompany each level’s hue, encapsulating the brand’s identity through architectural elements. An homage to the company’s name and logo, the design team was able to draw inspiration from nautical elements, referencing boats and materials related to sailing, such as ship-lap boards and marine ropes, which creates a fun, yet polished working environment for the brand. Navy blue, hues of gray, and other soft accent colors are utilized throughout and are paired with complementary bursts of yellow in furniture and finishes to provide moments of playful contrast in the space. Softer, circular shapes help to define the space as well as tie back to the company’s brand and overall aesthetic.”

  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 65,000 square feet
  • Design: Perkins + Will
Waiting area
Breakout space
Breakout space
Meeting spaces
Breakout space