Inside Northridge Law’s Minimalist London Office

Inside Northridge Law’s Minimalist London Office

  • Array Michal

  • 5 years ago

London-based law firm Northridge Law has recently appointed workplace design firm Thirdway Interiors to design their new office in London, England.

“Upon entering the office, the client-facing and waiting-room areas are designed to promote Northridge’s specialist industry. A large TV screen, playing either sporting clips or brand content, is framed with LED lighting which also draws the eye to their illuminated logo, leaving a lasting impression on anyone visiting the company. The office is located on the second floor of a recently refurbished historic building in the City of London. Its unusual angles inside provided an opportunity to think creatively about how to utilise the space to its maximum potential. At the far end of the office, the unique shape of the building was taken advantage of and turned into a reading corner with the addition of bookcases to section off the area and a number of cosy antique pieces of furniture installed. The space was intricately designed with planned growth in mind, ensuring there was space for 30 desks on completion yet enough room to scale up to 50 desks. The exposed concrete ceiling complements the different natural materials in the office, such as the timber cladding wall in the main boardroom. Other interesting areas of the design include the war room, a unique and secure storage space complete with roller racks to maximise storage for files and cases. Light fittings and panels were fitted asymmetrically, echoing the building’s unique shape, accentuating its central core and creating a feature in itself. Northridge’s branding was also heavily taken into consideration within the design, utilising the various lines and angles and playing with them throughout. The tea point/kitchen area has a unique angled splash back as well as a striking trapezoid breakfast with a white marble surface which seamlessly integrates with the monotone theme. Chic brass accents add a subtle warmth to the kitchen area as well as enhancing the highly contemporary look and feel,” said Thirdway Interiors

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