A Tour of Decathlon’s New Office in Shenzen

A Tour of Decathlon’s New Office in Shenzen

  • Array Michal

  • 5 years ago

Decathlon, a company that provides sports lovers with sports articles and equipment, recently hired architecture firm Hauner Architecture to design and build their new innovation hub in Shenzen, China.

“Decathlon Shenzhen Innovation Hub and Offices is an essential research hub for the brand. This center is responsible for industrial and material innovation for the brand, as well as research prototyping. The hub’s location also makes it an important supply chain point for Southern China. Research, innovation, and logistics are all brought within one place, in the OCT LOFT Shenzhen creative district. The 30,138 square foot aligns a sophisticated, interlinked program where collaboration and knowledge sharing among peers and departments is crucial. At the core of the brief was to promote employee well being. To achieve this, amenities such as leisure spaces, a yoga room, and a sports room. Floor to ceiling windows look out to nature outside. A central tribune takes the center of the space for 120 people – an area used for guest lectures and presentations. The office is envisioned as highly flexible, with an interior capable of evolving and adapting over time. Upon completion, 100 flexible work stations allow for open collaboration. The hub can be modified to accommodate up to 200 comfortably,” says

  • Location: Shenzen, China
  • Date completed: 2019
  • Size: 30,138 square feet
  • Design: Hauner Architecture
  • Photos: Bruce Zheng
Work zones
Meeting space
Breakout space
Working pods
Relax room