A Tour of Poly Future Metropolitan’s Modern Beijing Office

A Tour of Poly Future Metropolitan’s Modern Beijing Office

Architecture and interior design firm CUN Design has recently designed a new office for Poly Future Metropolitan in Beijing, China.

“What CUN DESIGN is always pursuing is to design a space which can be used for consecutive 3-5 years and preserve its value despite the passing of time. The most unique value of office design is to build “connectivity”, which means we should design an ideal place in office to allow the interactions between employees, between employees and the company, and between the company and outside world. Therefore, we have designed three places in this office: 1. reception area; 2. connectivity area; and 3. service area.

Reception Area

In the reception area, we have deliberately adopted a vivacious design to front desk, rather than the traditional rigid design in order to encourage clients to directly follow what they see to walk into the reception area, where continuous, overlapped or independent curve structures will give them a soft and comfortable sense of surrounding. What visitors see first when they walk into the reception area is the semi-enclosed curve structure. Painted with light color, it creates a warm tone and forms an organic “body” to build this reception area into a modern architecture with large space. While designing, we consider more the spatial value brought by the sense of form. We want visitors to feel valued in a comfortable manner and to have a taste of corporate culture from the reception area, rather than let them just stay in the waiting area or directly go to the meeting room. So we find a properly balanced area to build it into a place leaving visitors the first impression of this office. Reception area, employees’ first space too, is the beginning of their daily work. Different from traditional office reception area, this is an upgraded multifunctional space that can be used for reception, social intercourse and display, becoming a space both open and private at the same time; it also helps to ease the pressure to utilize interior space to some extent.

Connectivity Area

Flexible working environment can allow employees to have a sense of belonging to work anytime and anywhere. This is so-called “office connectivity”. It can generate a direct and effective working system because such flexible and simple environment can produce good work mode, allocate human resources well, improve space use efficiency and area-effectiveness and reduce comprehensive user cost.

Service Area

Our attitude towards work has changed: employees are more willing to strike a balance between work and life and hope to find in work the comfort and convenience they enjoy in life. Besides, with more diverse enterprises settled, futuristic office design should be personalized and high-end, offering a sound community environment as well as good facilities and services. This service area is mainly designed for people to have free talks or work because it, like a sample house, stands as a display area. While designing, designers have taken into consideration the need of clients to not only view the whole office system here but also engage in business negotiation here so they have built this place into a space suitable for work and sales,” says CUN Design.

  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Size: 16,000 square feet
  • Design: CUN Design
  • Photos: Wang Ting
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Open-plan workspace
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