Inside Roche Diagnostics’ New Auckland Office

Inside Roche Diagnostics’ New Auckland Office

Pharmaceutical company Roche Diagnostics hired architecture firm Ignite Architects to design their new office in Auckland, New Zealand,

“A local design language for an international brand. Extensive collaboration and workshopping with Roche defined a brief that is human-centric and has staff wellbeing in mind. The design also adds a local flavour while working within structured international brand guidelines. Located on a slither of Auckland land mass where the dual coasts of the Manukau Harbour and Tamaki River are within reach, the Roche workplace speaks to how time changes a landscape by breaking down structures: smoothing, softening, and refining.

Material selection, textures, colours, and forms reference natural aesthetics, while abstract motifs provide a balanced weight and palette to the fit-out, further supporting the wellness considerations in the design. The plan maximises the availability of natural daylight; desks are positioned to avoid solar glare, reducing the need for blinds and creating a light-filled environment, removing the need for additional artificial lighting.

Visual links to the outdoors and exterior views, along with greenery, biophilia, and harmonious design, all combine to help support staff wellbeing.

Technology is integrated throughout the fit-out; the lunchroom and entertainment facilities are multi-functional, serving as ‘all of company’ presentation spaces. A public kitchen and collaboration area provide further spaces for people to come together, creating a sense of connectedness across the company.”

  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Date completed: 2022
  • Design: Ignite Architects
  • Photos: Sam Hartnett
Open-plan workspace
Open-plan workspace
Breakout space
Kitchen / Seating area
Breakout space