A Tour of B&B Hotels’ San Sebastián de los Reyes Office

A Tour of B&B Hotels’ San Sebastián de los Reyes Office

Hotel chain B&B Hotels recently hired interior design studio CuldeSac to design their new office in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain.

“The central axis of the design is a large four-section desk created to encourage teamwork and creativity eliminating hierarchies or departments. The configuration promotes the diversity of uses through a “hot desk” system with flexible sites and computers.

From group meetings to individual work, the desk detaches itself from the perimeter, occupying the central axis of the space and offering a place
of permanent connection. Its multifunctional organic shape folds in some of its parts through curves that gradually fill and inhabit the void with blackboards and meeting points to discuss projects. Above the table, a roof offers protection, shelter and privacy within an open space while the curves hide rooms for those workers in need of privacy and silence.

Curved wood in light tones, natural vegetation and an aesthetic associated with corporate colours separate the rooms and convey comfort. While the energy and solidity of the brand is present through dark greens, the opening to new flexible working dynamics is represented through lime green.

The new office also promotes the efficiency of resources through recycling points and eco corners with intelligent containers measuring the weight and volume of the waste generated. The technology incorporated also allows for constantly monitoring the quality of the environment (temperature, CO2 concentration, noise and humidity) and it also includes energy from 100% renewable sources.”

  • Location: San Sebastián de los Reyes, Spain
  • Date completed: February 2023
  • Size: 6,354 square feet
  • Design: CuldeSac
  • Photos: Daniel Dellepiane
Collaborative workspace
Collaborative workspace
Corridor / Meeting room
Collaborative workspace
Collaborative workspace
Collaborative space
Collaborative workspace