A Look Inside Genesis’ New Kyiv Office

A Look Inside Genesis’ New Kyiv Office

Technology company Genesis recently hired architecture firm ZIKZAK to design their new office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“The spacious office with an area of 2500 sq.m combines innovation of modern solutions with minimalist design. The interior design of Genesis features industrial elements and minimalism. Natural materials, natural shades, and greenery are combined with contrasting and bright accents. The use of black elements in furniture and lighting adds clarity to the geometry of the space, promoting concentration and facilitating navigation within the premises. A bright, sunny yellow, repeated in the design of the walls in the transit zone, lighting fixtures, and showers, adds liveliness and a vibrant mood to the space for refocusing.

The office has a cabinet system layout, which is rather an exception to the trend of recent customer requests. The core of the space is an accent branded reception area, from which a transit zone leads with working and service premises lined up along it. But instead of a classic corridor, the designers created a diverse transit environment, divided into segments of the path. Since the company has a branching number of different subdivisions, there was a need to divide the space into teams. The working cabinet zones in the Genesis office have also been rethought. Here, each of them is like a small open space. The designers mixed two typologies: cabinet and open space, taking the best from each. Separate working premises were allocated for the company’s management. All areas are arranged in such a way that corresponds to the company’s business processes and accelerates communication between departments. The layout decision achieved maximum natural lighting in each of the working zones.

The designers decided to recess the entrances to the cabinets so that the doors did not open onto the corridor, thus further maximizing the space optimization. The meeting rooms impress with their variety of design. You can choose any based on your mood: a conservative minimalist gray one or a neighboring accent one with cobalt blue decoration. The walls of some are decorated with illustrations with a creative idea: some of them are funny youth graffiti, while others are ironic references to magnificent frescoes. Employees are given a wide selection based on their mood and the nature of the work meeting. For convenience during brainstorming and creativity sessions in meeting rooms and open spaces, marker coatings are used on the walls so that any bold idea can be immediately recorded and demonstrated to the team. Attractive lounges are designated for relaxation and refocusing. They are highlighted with a wooden wall rail and a green soft carpet among other zones. This design replicates the effect of relaxation in nature, among trees on a cozy lawn, so that even without leaving the office, employees have the opportunity to refocus from work tasks and regenerate during breaks.

The Genesis office has implemented the latest smart technologies, including mobile workstations, facial recognition and collaborative systems, and smart lighting. The innovative lighting solutions promote employee comfort and energy efficiency within the building. The design of the light fixtures continues the established aesthetic, complementing the industrial edge in a minimalist design. Sound-absorbing panels help to reduce echo in large spaces, and their thoughtful design emphasizes the overall aesthetic concept. Stylish signs with convenient navigation carefully guide both employees and guests of the company.”

  • Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Design: ZIKZAK
Conference room
Lounge zone
Meeting room
Meeting room
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