A Tour of PwC Plaza’s New Minneapolis Office

A Tour of PwC Plaza’s New Minneapolis Office

PWC Plaza hired architecture and interior design Studio BV to re-imagine their building common areas and amenities in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

PWC Plaza looked to Studio BV to redesign their common amenities to give the building new life. Studio BV designed a new club lounge space, redesigned the common areas on the skyway (second level) and street level. “We designed and strategized on how the space could work differently for tenants,” said Betsy Vohs, Studio BV Founder and CEO. “Tenants don’t need large training rooms for meeting since those are now happening virtually. They desire breakout spaces that allow them to work together with teams, solve problems and create ideas, so we designed that type of amenity into the club area.” Now teams in the building can use that space as a place to gather with their teams and work on the next big ideas. Spaces with writable walls, hospitality, state of the art, video and audio capabilities with comfortable furniture that can by dynamic are game changers for tenants.

The club space features a fireplace, bar and meeting spaces. The common areas feature custom built in spaces that help welcome people to the building and support impromptu meetings.

The spaces create a new brand for the building. This is having an effect. Leasing is increasing and tenants are excited about coming back to the office.

Breakout space
Kitchen / Communal space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Meeting space / Collaborative space
Meeting room