A Tour of LMC’s New Prague Office

A Tour of LMC’s New Prague Office

Recruitment company LMC hired workplace design firm Capexus to design their new office in Prague, Czech Republic.

“Thanks to our workplace consultancy and experienced architects, LMC is now “anchored” in offices that not only meet the above-mentioned requirements, but in many ways function as an interesting inspiration and a demonstration of how design and technology can be connected with a very specific company philosophy .One of the key differences between the new address and the concept is the layout of the offices. “At Lighthouse we were on four floors, but at DOCK we are on one floor, which was a key principle for us as a company when changing to new offices,” said Markéta Kalinová, LMC’s Office & Procurement Manager. “For us, the office is no longer the place where you have to go to work, but one of the options where you can work. It all depends on whether you need to quietly focus on a task, have a hybrid meeting or meet with colleagues.”

The traditional Chinese teaching deals with the relationship between people and their living space in time. Its goal is to establish balance and enable the unhindered flow of energy. In our case, the space became offices combining a large amount of wood, muted tones, plants in the form of blossoming Sakura trees and designer lighting with wicker and fabric shades. The ceramic wine glasses that form the dividing walls and the sliding round screens in the café will not go unnoticed either.

“The overall design is in accordance with Feng Shui, a teaching that the company has recognized for many years,” explains Martin Židek, Co-head of Architecture, when asked about the appearance of the offices. “The company culture is very open, friendly and even family-like. Its exceptionality for me lies above all in the atmosphere. There’s a wonderful tearoom with a tea tree, a ZEN garden for relaxation and meditation, a quiet room for work requiring a high degree of concentration, a library, a large café and a reception area that evokes the feeling of being in a Japanese garden.”

The emphasis on aligning all elements into a literally harmonious whole cannot be overlooked. The walls of the common areas are decorated with large, but very soothing wallpaper with a nature motif. In many places you will find characteristic accessories, seating options or built-in corners for undisturbed conversation.

“We designed the partitions and the furniture to be rounded,” architect Lucie Červinková pointed out. “Thanks to this, energies can flow smoothly through space. This means the tearoom really stands out, as it deliberately disrupts the established order with its shape of a house set over the corner of the building and its black colour.”

Harmonious shapes and Feng Shui principles were also a consideration in the selection of furniture and other interior furnishings. This is confirmed by Immo Bellman, Head of Interior Furnishing: “Rounded shapes, flowers, playfulness. We followed these ideas when choosing the furniture. At the same time, we chose from a range of local manufacturers including SilentLab, Rim and TON. Our atypical production was also part of the delivery.” Naturally there are enough meeting rooms with modern technology for holding presentations, as well as a strategically located located refreshment areas. The open spaces, on the other hand, feature acoustic solutions and offer a comfortable place for every employee.
A unique connection

LMC has been innovating the world of work for over a quarter century, and we believe that it will successfully continue this mission from its new offices. “Three great teams came together on the project,” said Zdeňka Studená, founder of Flexjobs Consulting. “For Flexjobs Consulting, we provided an analysis of the implementation of flexible work styles. CAPEXUS came up with a great architectural design, and LMC brought both courage and a unique company culture. The result is offices that I believe will be great to work in.” The new offices are proof that even an informal office space concept inspired by natural elements can provide everything people need to excel at their jobs and collaborate productively.”

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Date completed: 2022
  • Design: Capexus
  • Photos: Prokop Laichter


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Breakout space
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Kitchen / Communal space