A Tour of Masonprice’s New Shenzen Office

A Tour of Masonprice’s New Shenzen Office

Fashion brand Masonprice hired architecture firm TOMO design to design their new office in Shenzen, China.

“MASONPRINCE (MP) and TOMO collaborated to create a unique and memorable brand experience by designing the new MP office in Shenzhen. The objective was to challenge traditional online brand concepts and break away from mainstream frameworks. By incorporating the design approaches of contrast, diversity, and extension, the team aimed to create a diverse experience that truly embodied the retro essence of MP.
The design process can be compared to a sophisticated computing program that analyzes all possibilities. By incorporating the MP brand philosophy, the design team was able to reshape the boundaries of time and space, reality and virtuality, retro and future. This design method leads to
an endless loop of blurred fusion of these elements.

The designer skillfully employed a lens sense aesthetics to recreate the retro contrast in this classic office space. By balancing the
relativity of multiple scenes, the design showcases the captivating allure of both retro and futuristic elements, all implied in the essence of

The elevator hall is the first attractive visual focus which features hanging decorations that can be altered to showcase different materials and monograms. It offers a wide variety of textures, including wood, fabric, stone, and metal. The current monogram “MASONPRINCE” ca
n be substituted with other brand names, opening up endless possibilities for the space and giving it a never – lasting vibrancy

The entrance of the building showcases classic architectural elements, such as exposed concrete walls and ceiling beams, that define a retro ambiance. TOMO aimed to incorporate these classic elements to evoke a sense of nostalgia. This versatile space has the potential to serve as an office, showroom, or art gallery, with even more potential functions in the future The interplay between the rough walls and the smooth leather sofa creates a striking contrast.”

  • Location: Shenzen, China
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 10,763 square feet
  • Design: TOMO
Collaborative space
Private office
Private office
Meeting room