A Tour of Lingaro Group’s New Warsaw Office

A Tour of Lingaro Group’s New Warsaw Office

End-to-end data services company hired interior design firm BIT CREATIVE to design their new office in Warsaw, Poland.

“The office space of Lingaro’s new headquarters in Warsaw is more than 3,000 sqm on two floors. The first is 1,053.20 sqm, which includes a social room with a kitchenette with a total area of 68 sqm, 7 conference rooms (10-41 sqm) and separate open-space work areas. The second is 2048.22 sqm and includes a social room with a kitchenette with a total area of 157.47 sqm, a coffee point, a game room with a kitchenette – 46 sqm, 17 conference rooms from 10 to 100 sqm, a creative work room – 30 sqm, 3 rooms for individual work, separate open space and a chill out area. The impressive square footage, which guarantees freedom and comfort, reflects Lingaro’s position in the international market, guaranteeing its employees friendly working conditions.

„The main design concept was to create an employee-friendly office with a homely atmosphere with corporate accents, taking into account the company’s existing equipment. In terms of functionality, the developer wanted the space to be established on an open plan, with spaces to be divided into smaller ones for up to 18 employees. Another important aspect was the layout of various places for team and individual work, as well as numerous conference rooms” says arch. Barnaba Grzelecki, owner of the BIT CREATIVE studio.

A clear, functional and conducive to both individual and team work division of space was, however, the first challenge faced by the architects from BIT CREATIVE studio. After all, the separated rooms had to be arranged so that each was a coherent part of the whole, and at the same time stood out from the rest. The starting point, therefore, was the company’s mission, its international scope of activities and the profile of services provided.

Hence, the guiding idea of the conference rooms is the cities where the company’s main branches are located. The conference rooms in the reception area are designed in subdued colors, while those available to employees, are distinguished by intense colors. Each of them has its own individual color, accentuated on the ceiling. The Mexico City room can be considered the most colorful, where the figure of Frida Khalo dominates the celadon wall.

The game room is dominated by the company’s colors – shades of purple and navy blue. The ceiling, made of black, gray and white panels, refers to the theme of the room – it resembles checkerboards or pixels on a monitor. Additional elements enhancing the mood are wallpaper from the cyberpunk universe, a neon sign reading “Game over” and a wall decoration in the form of pixels, which also serves an acoustic function. There are plenty of activities for users to enjoy: a game console, an arcade machine, ping-pong, and a fully equipped kitchenette and lounge areas.

The multifunctional social room, on the other hand, is located in the corner of the building and is divided into several zones. The lounge area with soft, comfortable furniture is separated from the others by mobile partitions. From here you can enjoy views of the bustling city or play board games. The dining area has long tables for a larger group of employees, along with single tables and high The room is also equipped with a sound system and two monitors for group presentations.”

  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Date completed: 2023
  • Size: 32,300 square feet
  • Design: BIT CREATIVE
  • Photos: Fotomohito
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Collaborative space