A Tour of PULS Vario’s New Vienna Office

A Tour of PULS Vario’s New Vienna Office

Industrial power supplier PULS Vario hired architecture and interior design firm Evolution Design to design their new office in Vienna, Austria.

“The Vienna-based research and development company specialises in tailor-made power supply solutions and product development. In direct response to the client’s requirement to establish a dynamic and versatile work environment that would stimulate innovation, increase creativity, and improve productivity for the team of 60 engineers, Evolution Design crafted a design concept that employs a striking colour palette.

Workplace that reflects innovation process

The interior concept follows four stages of the innovation process directly reflected in the physical space: dialogue, create, share, and retreat, creating a highly functional workplace bathed in natural light and rich hues that fully supports employee choice.

Two spiral staircases, seamlessly connecting two floors, facilitate easy access between the different workshop zones, high-tech labs, prototyping areas, a broadcast studio, individual workspaces, and a magnetic hub for exchange and interaction designed in a genuine Viennese café style.

Colours used for boosting creativity

Dotted throughout the office space are meeting rooms of varying sizes that are accentuated by bold colours. Drawing from client’s vision, the meeting room colour concept is inspired by the distinctive regional features of Austria and Vienna. It draws upon elements such as the enchanting alpine flowers like gentian and edelweiss, evoking the serene ambiance of mountain landscapes. References to the vivid poppy blossoms that blanket fields outside of Vienna and the locally grown lavender are integral components of the interior design.

These vibrant accents, proud nods to Austrian nature and heritage, are incorporated to enliven the work environment and foster a creative mindset throughout the day.

Inspiring and nurturing workspace

Thanks to a blend of soft textures, natural materials, ambient lighting, and comfortable furniture, this work environment feels more like home than a traditional office, while also incorporating innovative working methods and technology to achieve a truly hybrid workspace.

Overall, PULS Vario offices serve as an inspiring and nurturing work environment, dedicated to fostering an innovative mindset, building informal team spirit, and promoting the growth of this innovation-driven engineering company.”

Breakout space
Breakout space
Kitchen / Communal space
Communal space
Communal space
Meeting space
Meeting space
Collaborative space