A Look Inside Nium’s New Singapore Office

A Look Inside Nium’s New Singapore Office

Real-time payment company Nium hired interior design firm Conexus to design their new office in Singapore.

“Encapsulating Nium’s high-growth vision for global money movement, the innovative design of their new headquarters at Capital Tower boasts a similar energy. Eschewing the traditional hierarchical structure and uniformity in design, Nium’s new workspace embraces a dynamic and lively office layout that is interspersed with surprising elements of play.

Breaking Down Barriers Between Work and Play

The office design champions activity and movement, with exercise facilities such as climbing walls, monkey bars, punching bags and ping-pong tables that encourage the Nium team to take breaks throughout the workday. Not only does this freedom encourage employees to work, socialise, rest, and interact in unexpected new ways, it also fosters an agile work culture and creative energy that continues to fuel the team to greater heights.

Engaging in an Immersive Branded Journey

The departure from conventional office norms is further exemplified with a large Nium logo replacing a dedicated reception desk. The entrance is strategically dimmer with a lowered ceiling, crafting a sense of anticipation as visitors step into the office, much like an athlete preparing to enter the competition stadium. This transitionary space initiates the visitors’ arrival journey, drawing them into Nium’s headquarters featuring LED strip lights across the walls and ceiling, symbolic of the cutting-edge technology propelling the firm.

Each element in the corporate space, from colour palette to furniture and lighting, is meticulously aligned with Nium’s brand identity. Predominantly cool-toned in blues and greys, the ambience is elevated with strategic touches of brown, pink and orange, injecting a distinct sense of warmth that highlights the space’s vitality. Customised monkey bars in striking orange hues are shaped in Nium’s logo, weaving the brand identity with a dynamic sense of movement. Nium’s brand is also reinforced in strategically placed taglines, including the prominent neon signage proclaiming “Make Money Move” at the reception.

Supporting a Collaborative and Inclusive Culture

When crafting Nium’s headquarters, there was an emphasis on fostering collaboration within flexible tech-enabled spaces. Adopting a non-hierarchical approach, the open-plan layout allows all departments to work together efficiently within a collaborative ecosystem. Catering to diverse work preferences, Nium’s headquarters is also thoughtfully equipped with workstations in various configurations. From swing seating and standing desks to ergonomic chairs and adjustable monitor arms, the workplace design underscores Nium’s commitment to employee well-being.

To enable staff to perform at their best, technological infrastructure such as state-of-the-art video conferencing tools adorn collaboration spaces, while focus areas are equipped with cutting-edge smart desk booking technology. Furthermore, breakout zones effortlessly transform into stages for company-wide presentations. Highlighting Nium’s dedication to creating an optimal working environment, a diverse array of shared workspaces, such as conference rooms, lounges, and private booths, harmoniously blend to offer a versatile spectrum of work environments.

At its core, Nium’s headquarters stands as a testament to the company’s innovative spirit. Like the slogan on their walls, “Simply Better Together”, the office design is a call to action, inspiring movement, collaboration, and a common goal among the team members.”

  • Location: Singapore
  • Date completed: 2024
  • Size: 12,034 square feet
  • Design: Conexus
Breakout space
Breakout space
Breakout space
Working pods
Communal space
Relax zone