Valerio Dewalt Train

Valerio Dewalt Train

Chicago, Illinois

Valerio Dewalt Train is a 75+ person national architectural and design practice with offices in Chicago, Palo Alto and San Francisco. Since 1994, the firm has based its practice on the simple idea that whatever the question, design is the answer. But we also believe that before you can provide an answer, you have to do the research to make sure you understand the question.

As designers, we take a research-based approach to the design process; it is immersive, probing, and specific. We work with a wide range of clients: institutional, educational, corporate, retail, entertainment, hospitality, and developers. Each client benefits from the cross-fertilization of ideas between these industries and as expressed by our URL, “build or”.

The result of our energetic approach is a series of remarkable projects often produced on very tight budgets and schedules for many notable organizations; from Google and Adobe, to the University of California, University of Chicago, Northwestern Mutual, and Avison Young. VDTA has received several awards over time, recognizing the success with this approach, including being named in the Top 50 Design Firms by Architect Magazine.

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