Ray Allen, a software company that ensures data integrity between the enterprise, partners, manufacturers and financial Institutions, recently appointed interior design firm Box Studios to design their new headquarters in Chicago.

“The client wanted a diverse work environment with both fun, collaborative spaces to relax and connect as well as private workspaces that would both reflect the company’s energetic culture in unique ways. To meet this design challenge, BOX used architectural elements such as the transparent private offices, open-work-stations, a spacious kitchenette and gaming lounges to divide the space into separate functions. The design showcases the natural wood of the existing loft space, with contrasting pops of red to energize the environment. Fun custom-bended light fixtures dot the ceiling and columns, while the playful graphics on the wall give the space personality that reflects the Ray Allen culture”, says Box Studios

Location: River North – Chicago, Illinois
Date completed: 2016
Size: 17,000 square feet
Design and photos: Box Studios


Welcome inside





Conference room