Inside Rdio’s San Francisco offices

Inside Rdio’s San Francisco offices

With $17.5 million in funding and users all around the world, Rdio is definitely one of the strongest players in the competitive music streaming market.

To stay competitive, you of course have to hire the best people and then to get the best out of them, you have to make them feel comfortable. This was probably one of the reasons why Rdio recently decided to give its San Francisco headquarters a little makeover, and who else could have done the job, if not a well-known San Francisco-based Geremia Design

”Our design for the RDIO offices was a collaboration with their project manager on an expansive remodel of a new front lobby, conference room, and lounge. A sound abatement wall created with felt is unique to their office. We used the companies branding to create a custom lighting fixture for the front lobby, and designed and a custom reception area made with hot-rolled steel”, says Geremia Design

Location: Mission District – San Francisco, California
Date completed: 2013
Design: Geremia Design
Photos: Cesar Rubio Photography