A Peek Inside Avant’s New Chicago Headquarters

Avant is a technology company based in Chicago that operates a platform that makes it easier and cheaper for people around the world to borrow money responsibly. Recently, the company moved into a new headquarters located in the Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

“There are many cool features with the open floor plan, but perhaps the coolest of feature is the “secret rooms” – eight total; four on each floor. They’re secret because they’re hard to find– each is an interior, windowless room with other small 1:1 meeting rooms around its perimeter. They’ve build them as rooms to provide an escape, a place to relax, or maybe a more inspiring place for focusing or creative thinking. Avant applied themes to both the secret and standard meeting rooms for each of the two floors. The 17th is “Chicago originals,” iconic objects and people with strong Chicago roots (some of which may be surprising). The 18th is “Tech innovation,” with the idea being that Avant lies at the intersection of the two. They based the Tech rooms off an employee survey a few months back asking Avantees for their favorite tech inspired movies.”

  • Location: Loop – Chicago, Illinois
  • Date completed: 2015
  • Size: 80,000 square feet
  • Design: Eastlake Studio
  • Photos: Ramzi Dreeessen
Breakout space
Game room
A view of Chicago
Breakout space