A Tour of Fintech Fusion’s Cool Office in Geneva

Fintech Fusion is an accelerator program that selects about 10 fintech startups from all over the world for its 12-months acceleration program. In January 2016, Fintech Fusion moved into a new office, designed by design firm Studio Banana.

“Although the intervention was large, the highlights of the project are the common spaces as they provide multiple opportunities for the various communities of users. This incubator is financed by private institutions who also use the space as a satellite upbeat office and as showroom for their own clients. Mixing the banking, technology, business, entrepreneurial and consumer user groups in a way that fosters encounters, collaboration and creates an ambience of professionalism was one of the key design challenges. The project was developed using a co-design approach, bringing key stakeholders together in order to gather insights and immerse the design team in the specifics of the financial technology industry. The result is a highly successful space that was quickly and naturally appropriated by its various users. The premises’ atmosphere fosters a collaborative culture among the hosted start-ups, hosts fintech-related events and acts as a showcase for sponsors. The main space provides a welcoming lounge area that easily transforms into a conference room. The cafeteria acts as social heart of the incubator, with informal dynamics in an elegant yet uncomplicated atmosphere. Three blocks host activity spaces and carve the main circulation flow around them. A colourful and mysterious pattern gives a distinctive character to each of these clusters. The visual motifs and colour palettes were informed by security elements found in Swiss banknotes. This integration of graphics in the environment weaves storytelling and the space. Meeting and brainstorming rooms also feature graphics and signage inspired by banknotes, thus creating a range of atmospheres,” says Studio Banana

Common area
Common area


Private booth
Meeting space