A Tour of Vault 42’s Coworking Space

Vault 42 is a coworking space based in Olomouc, Czech Republic that provides freelance professionals with a working environment while giving them the opportunity to share information, interact and develop.

“The authors of the project depended on the ergonomic solution of the entire coworking centre and divided the premises into five zones. Each zone corresponds to a different working pace. There are places for those who need absolute peace and quiet for their jobs as well as places for those who on the contrary enjoy a mild rush or need to discuss and consult their work.”

  • Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 1,800 square feet
  • Design: Studio Raketoplan
  • Photos: Jakub Stratil, Lukas Navara
Collaborative space
Collaborative space
Collaborative space
Meeting room
Event space
Private workspace