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A Look Inside Sparxoo’s Creative Tampa Office

A Look Inside Sparxoo’s Creative Tampa Office

Sparxoo, a Google Partner certified digital agency that helps brands accelerate their business a growth, hired architecture & interior design firm Traction Architecture to fit-out their offices in Tampa Bay, Florida.

“The challenge was to create a collaborative work environment that reflected the company’s youthful, energetic and creative brand. The spatial layout was driven by a cylindrical entry zone we call the Rotunda which is a double height light-filled space that visually connects glass meeting rooms below with open workspaces above. An understated material palette of whitewashed walls and ceilings, exposed concrete, expanded metal, and sealed plywood serves as a blank canvas to stimulate creativity. The rhythm of exposed ductwork, pipes and conduit on the concrete slab ceiling subtly activates the space. A curving stair in the Rotunda was imagined as an ‘Archimal’, an animal / architecture hybrid that animates its surroundings while providing a diversity of experiences. A window pierces the Archimal revealing a plywood and metal skeleton that bridges the window opening and creates a habitable niche underneath. We encouraged employees to change their environment throughout the day by creating a range of workspaces – an open mezzanine with desks, a plywood wrapped lounge with plush chairs and treetop views, a kitchen bar for coffee and laptops, glass enclosed conference rooms for formal meetings, or cloistered quiet rooms for focused work. We were interested in expanding the traditional definition of an office to include a space that would allow Sparxoo to open its doors to the community. By day, the Rotunda serves the Xoo team. By night, the space is used for happy hours, networking parties and ongoing charity events. The Rotunda enables Sparxoo to transform from office to event space, furthering the company’s ties to the community and reinforcing their brand as an innovative voice in the region and beyond,” says Traction Architecture

Stairs and lobby
From the top
Breakout space
Collaborative space
Conference room
Conference room