Inside The Penny Hoarder’s Modern New St. Petersburg’s Office

Inside The Penny Hoarder’s Modern New St. Petersburg’s Office

  • Array Michal

  • 6 years ago

The Penny Hoarder, a media company that runs a popular personal finance website about the different ways people can earn and save money, recently moved into a new headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“The Penny Hoarder’s business is centered on the traditional topic of personal finance. However, the company strives to engage with personal finance in a fun and entertaining way. The brand tone is funny, interesting, approachable and smart. The company wanted an office space that reflected those values and personality. The space is about the usage of colors, scale, and proportion. In addition, the balance of classic patterns mixed with whimsical elements to create tension between work and play. Traditional elements are juxtaposed with eccentric, unconventional moments and objects throughout the space to lighten up the formality and inspire creativity. Features include wood floors, crown moulding, calacatta marble, antiqued glass, and millwork. Those mix with exposed ceilings and ductwork, modern steel and glass storefronts, and antique piggy banks, money art and quirky presidential portrait vignettes that coordinate with their respective conference room names. Visitors are welcomed by an eclectic seating area in front of the two-sided fireplace and library complete with reading selections by each department, as well as reference books. Employees can stretch on the “lawn” of the turf park area, or gather in the coffee bar and lounge for work or gaming. The Penny Hoarder prides itself on being a collective of creative, forward thinkers. It knows that creative people work better in creative spaces. The space is meant to help employees let their imagination run wild. One of the ways The Penny Hoarder hoped to achieve that is through the construction of the indoor park with the beanbags and yoga mats where people can look out to a beautiful bay view. In addition, the office is filled with quirky art, velvet classic chesterfield sofas, and antique area rugs mixed with eccentric fabrics and prints.”

  • Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Date completed: October 2017
  • Size: 23,000 square feet
  • Design: ASD|Sky
  • Architectecture: ASD|Sky
  • Photos: Randy Van Duinen
Visitor’s center
Relax zone
West wing
West wing
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