A Look Inside PepsiCo’s New Istanbul Office

A Look Inside PepsiCo’s New Istanbul Office

  • Array Michal

  • 6 years ago

PepsiCo, a parent company of famous brands such as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Tropicana and Gatorade, recently reached out to architecture & interior design firm Boytorun Architects to design their new office expansion in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Boytorun Architects has designed four office floors in the same building in addition to the PepsiCo Turkey Office, made of two floors that it had previously designed. Boytorun Architects managed to ensure continuity of the new office design with the material, colour and general setup of the existing office design has aimed at motivating the user by diversified designs in the areas used commonly.The targeted dynamic design has also been protected in the new office floors and it has gained a more colourful and entertaining appearance appealing to the young employees. Boytorun Architects which has applied a flexible lay-out that would make possible working both individually or as different scaled groups, offers in the office floors open working areas, private meeting rooms, meeting rooms and kitchens in various dimensions and resting and renewaling areas called “Collaboration Area” which are the most attractive for the employees. The selection of colors and and forms used especially in the material and furniture of PepsiCo Turkey Office which has an area of 8.000 m², has been integrated with the “sustainable and environmentalist” mission of the company. PepsiCo Turkey Office which has broke the ordinary relation between plaza-office-employees by using live plants, natural material and emphasizing the green color, tones of brown and green colors which are evoking the nature, have been preferred in the furnitures in order to give the employees the opportunity to feel themselves as if they are working in a natural environments while green and colours of wood have been placed in the foreground in the selection of material and colors. The element of comfortability has been the most important criteria in the selections of the furnitures of the renewaling and resting areas in which the employees find opportunity to have a rest, chat with each other, play games, do sports and involve in group activities and to refresh themselves in the middle of the heavy work schedule. Vivid color tones which helps to increase the motivation, are preferred. Boytorun Architects which has broken the effect of the monotonous suspended ceiling in wide areas by using metal suspended ceilings in open office areas and adding pools in some areas, has aimed at increasing the mobilizing effect obtained by using laths in the entrance area and commonly used areas. On the other hand a dynamic and unique understanding of design in different colours has been prefered in the kitchens in each floor of PepsiCo Turkey Office.”

  • Location: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 86,111 square feet
  • Design: Boytorun Architects
Breakout space
Open office
Open office
Meeting room