Inside CodigoDelSur’s New Montevideo Office

CodigoDelSur, a mobile design and development studio that develops apps for US companies, recently moved into a new head office in Montevideo, Uruguay.

“We wanted to design an office to match the personality of both the team and the gorgeous house we had so carefully selected as our new home. About the house: A 1920s mansion that had been originally planned to be built in Paris, but finally was constructed in colonial Montevideo. Many interesting things happened in this house, it even was a convent for a while. About the team: 80 geeks passionate about technology, innovation and a fresh outlook towards the future! Combining these two concepts, the answer to how we should decorate it became evident: nothing would suit us best than a Steampunk style, combining luxury and sophistication of the old mansion with the innovation and futurism of the team. This is reflected in the combination of fine leather Chesterfield sofas and a grand piano, along with video art pieces emulating supercomputers from a post-apocalyptic future. Such combination makes visitors, as well as the team, feel like they’re entering a surreal world of sophistication and technology worthy of a post-apocalyptic movie”, says CodigoDelSur

  • Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Date completed: December 2017
  • Size: 16,145 square feet
  • Design: in-house
  • Architecture: Alejandra Bartesaghi
Collaborative space
Collaborative space
Stairs to the second floor
Breakout zone
Breakout zone
Breakout zone
Breakout zone
Meeting space
Relax zone