A Look Inside S3 Advertising’s Hip Cardiff Office

S3 Advertising, a full service advertising agency focused on advertising, design, media planning and media buying, hired office design firm Paramount Interiors, to design their new offices in Cardiff, Wales.

S3 Advertising’s brief was to create the UK’s coolest office. The initial design, created by interior designer Patrick Abrams from PAC Architecture, needed to be brought to life during the office fit out and transform the space into a functioning workplace. We developed the design, taking into account the practicalities of it being used as a place of work. It not only needed to be quirkily creative but also a productive, collaborative space. This included more inventive recreational areas alongside client-facing zones that encouraged team building and made an impressive first impression. Now known by staff and clients as The Lion’s Den, it features a ball pool containing 18,000 balls, two 600kg lion statues, a 32-metre-square stadium-style private cinema that can be screened off for private presentations, an 18-hole mini-golf course and a sandpit meeting room with its own blackboard wall. As well as its more creative parts, the space has areas for staff to share ideas, focus on work or just relax, including a kitchen breakout area with pool table and bar, window seats, and a multi-person hammock above the ball pool. It also obviously has to function as a workplace that included 56 static desks, 3 hot desks, 3 offices, 2 meeting rooms and a dedicated video production room. Having one large workstation for staff mean that S3 could add more people as and when the business grew. More functional elements included adjusting lighting to match requirements, with mechanical elements needing to be re-worked around lighting ducts. Tiles were fitted on the raised access floor, wood flooring was installed and bespoke carpentry was created in the kitchen area. And finally, a Sonos sound system was fitted throughout the office to give the space a suitably impressive soundtrack. S3 have received fantastic feedback and can now officially say that they have one of the coolest offices in the UK”, said Paramount Interiors

  • Location: Cardiff, Wales
  • Date completed: 2017
  • Size: 5,995 square feet
  • Design: Paramount Interiors
Meeting room
Common area
Private office
Common area