A  Tour of Space Ape’s Cool New London HQ

A Tour of Space Ape’s Cool New London HQ

Space Ape, an award winning gaming firm that develops mobile games, recently reached out to workplace design firm CCWS Interiors to design and build their new London headquarters.

“We gave the team affectionately known as ‘The Apes’ masses of creative, non-assigned space: areas to collaborate and share ideas in, whilst also offering personal one-to-one environments for focused discussions and introverted working. A mix of highly creative, versatile working spaces was introduced, from the casual, open- plan layout of the Brewer Street room with its comfy, modular seating system, to the personal working booths that command attention with bold, fabric-lined interiors. The honesty of the original steel and concrete structure was celebrated and stripped back to the bare bone, exposing industrial metalwork and raw surfaces that are paired with up-cycled furniture, bold pops of colour and smart flexi-work systems that ensure an engaging work environment on every level possible. Stepping away from the uninspiring, corporate boardroom concept, we also created meeting areas likeThe Bridge that were designed to reflect the social nature and visionary approach of Space Ape’s brand identity.The Apes now have the freedom to move around the office and define their own individual response to the space; whether choosing to sit in groups for one par t of the day then moving to the ‘Quiet Pods’ designed for contemplative tasks, to take five in the ‘Lego Room’ for some down time. Over a swift six-month period, Amy and David worked effortlessly around the team to bring this unique office concept to life. The result is a space that celebrates the underlying culture of Space Ape and its tenacious team of Apes,” said CCWS Interiors

  • Location: London, England
  • Date completed: 2018
  • Design: CCWS Interiors
Phone booths
Working pod
Working pod
Breakout space
Breakout space
Open-plan workspace
Meeting room
Meeting room
Game room