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A Tour of EOH’s Futuristic Prague Office

A Tour of EOH’s Futuristic Prague Office

Architecture and interior design firm Studio Perspektiv has recently designed a new IT office for technology company EOH in Prague, Czech Republic.

Multicellular Organism

The two-storey office space is located in the Main Point building in Prague, Pankrác. The project’s authors have already built several floors of offices in this object. This time they decided to test its limits. The organic shape of the house enabled them to play a variety of associations with the living and inanimate universe.

Mighty anthracite honeycombs descend from the concrete ceilings. They divide space according to importance and function, into irregular chambers of different dimensions. The honeycomb superstructure is complemented by crystalline forms of meeting rooms and technical facilities. These forms freely follow the basic order of space. From time to time they step out to the side, stretching or twisting here and there. Floors, sometimes elevated, arrange vast open spaces into auditoriums and stages, cafes and kitchens. EOH offices are a cluster of cavities, chambers, divisions, and cells, a Petri dish of flowing space.


Reflections, transparency, glitches, mirroring. Starring light and its properties. Thin line profiles, which are installed not only in common areas and corridors, but also in meeting rooms and in some workplaces, are multiplied in stainless steel floor tiles and dark lacobel surfaces. In some places, they drift into the slatted ceiling, somewhere they themselves create a ceiling. Meanwhile, the shimmer of ideally shaped luminous bodies drops down on the bar counter.

A 45 degree angle of oak veneer mocks gravity and partly simulates the freedom of movement in a weightless state. Kitchen cabinets are designed to withstand the impact of space bodies. Plates of annealed steel follow each other precisely, the material is spotless – only its abstracted essence remains. The door opens to the touch, the handles render obsolete.

Large-format stainless steel floor panels were treated with a water jet to form a solid metal surface. Glazed partitions with frames embedded in floors and ceilings leave room for maximum transparency. Proper care was also given to exposed ceilings. Cabling and technological wiring are precisely arranged, following the luminaire grid and copying the edges of individual honeycombs.

The EOH office project looks with confidence into the bright future of mankind. Thanks to close cooperation with the client, the authors managed to realize a work that carries several meanings and transcends the profane typological category called “office.” It’s a thrown-down glove for all the IT crowd of the whole galaxy,” says Studio Perspektiv.

Breakout space
Meeting pod
Communal space
Communal space
Meeting room
Conference room
Soundproof conference room
Soundproof conference room
Soundproof meeting room